Thursday, January 11, 2001

Stupid ideas don't die, they just become noble Here's a great example of a person who just doesn't get it. For those who follow the US stock market, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan recently cut interests rates on fears that the US economy was in danger of entering a recession. Basically, Greenspan made it cheaper to borrow money, and therefore cheaper to invest. Hopefully this will stave off a recession.

This idiot article denies the role of economics in, well, the economy. The author thinks everything is about politics, and probably has never bothered to add in his life. Why else would he think that Greenspan presiding over the US recession in the early 90s is cause to hang him? The fact that the US was not in recession for long is lost.

What is most disturbing is the self-satisfied nobility he infuses his comments with, presumably because he truly believes that his ideas are morally superiority in some way. He is unaware that his brand of ignorance is the cause of poverty and misery around the world. There is nothing noble about intellectual flabbiness.


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