Friday, April 27, 2001

Incohesion of anti-trade demonstrators Here's a screed written by an anti-trade demonstrator. If features a bunch of un-elected idiots complaining that the FTAA's democracy clause is not strong enough. The best line in the whole thing is "Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay really have one major interest in FTAA: exporting wheat, soy and beef to the U.S."

The fiends! The cads! Wanting to sell their stuff to rich folk! Best they all continue to live in abject, grinding poverty. These people make me sick. (Thanks for the pointer, CD).

And on the subject of sickness Dan Gilmore talks about why Congress, in the thrall of Big Media, keeps extending copyright, which now stands at artists lifetime plus 70 years. This is ridiculous. It stifles innovation, and robs the public of intellectual property. The sleaziness of these corrupt yahoos is pretty appalling, slamming Napster on one hand and slamming the people on the other.

And on the subject of sleazy, corrupt, yahoos, we'll see if the judges can find their arses and rule in an intelligent way. Not holding my breath.


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