Monday, April 09, 2001

MS proprietary tech undermines HailStorm Microsoft is beginning to exploit its client server base to extend it's .NET initiative. This means that to see a website hosted on a Microsoft server, you better have a Microsoft computer running a Microsoft browser. The lynch pin to all of this is Kerberos, an authenticating protocol that Microsoft has taken proprietary in the past.

Napster: Compensation without control Lawrence Lessig makes a good case for why Congress should step in (just as it has in the past) and create laws which allow artists to be compensated for their work while not allowing the record industry to have a veto over innovation.

Here's some more nonsense from investment bank Goldman Sachs is complaining that new SEC disclosure rules, that require companies to make all public information public at the same time, is "adding to market turmoil." What rubbish. The new rule just means analysts have to rely on something other than insider information to make their calls (which are worthless as a rule). Market turmoil is probably coming from idiot Goldman employees making rash market calls in an effort to sell more IPO deals. How stupid do these morons think we are?


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