Tuesday, June 26, 2001

More on the GPL Attorney Dan Ravicher posted this excellent Open-source/ Free software FAQ on slashdot. It is excellent, and I strongly recommend everyone reads it.

I am also becoming more and more impressed by RMS's GPL. In creating the GPL, Stallman created a catalytic mechanism that, more than anything else, is making all software free (like speech). More than all of his prosletyzing, the GPL might be the single, most powerful thing RMS has done to spread his message and ideas. The fact that it can continue to forward his mission, even in ideologically different conditions (ie. open-source movement) shows just how powerful it is.

Newsflash Just pulled this off The Register. It seems that Microsoft may have accidently included some GPL'd code into Windows code, including stuff in WindowsXP. If this is true, it means that someone (the Free Software Foundation probably) may be able to legally force Microsoft to either withdraw Windows (or not distribute it) or release Windows code under the GPL.


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