Monday, February 18, 2002

Quick links Some quick links on IP issues today (NYTimes, subs required):

There is no standard payment mechanism for Internet radio. Copyright hoarders want to require new and different rates for different codecs and qualities. AOL is on both sides of this issue.

The recording biz is about advances, not royalties. Therefore, pressplay and musicnet don't open new revenue streams for artists. But if audiences paid the advances directly, artists could release on Napster with no problems.

Instead of filing patents, some firms are making info public so they can't be blocked by patents in the future. This is a clear example of how patents are being used to block innovation, not commercialize it.

Tureblog argues that Spolsky was advocating managing expectations by controlling UI mockups, not making bad software. That's fine, but it's really not good enough. There's too much bad software in the world to justify less painful production of more bad software.


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