Saturday, March 09, 2002

Apple in India Apple's future depends on OS X, and since people don't buy operating systems, they buy applications, that means OS X needs lots and lots of apps. But hardly anyone owns a Mac, and many Mac users are still quite happy with Mac OS 9, 8, 7 etc. And since no one has OS X, why should anyone write programs for it?

Gasee didn't understand how tricky this problem is, but Jobs does. That's why he included the Classic layer to help OS 9 users move up to X. Apple also leaned on key software providers to launch OS X apps in anticipation of the market (Microsoft, Adobe). Darwin means OS X users can tap into all POSIX compliant code. And finally, as Apple is a software company, they released the iSuite for OS X. Now, they're hiring cheap Indian programmers to port applications to OS X. I don't know what they focusing on--Star Office? Games? the GIMP? Vertical apps like BLAST? If people have any idea, please write me at


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