Friday, June 07, 2002

Quick links Just finished exams; I leave for Cambridge on Sunday. Here are some quick weekend links:

Hollywood is being sued to prevent it from outlawing time-shifting in PVRs. All this lawyering occurs because government doesn't have to bear the costs of its decisions.

Robert von Goeben, ex-music exec, writes that the immensly profitable record industry will never allow its content to be digitally distributed and encourages emusic startups to invest in signing on bands. I would submit that it's the inability of the recording companies to exert perfect control over their content that hampers the development of new sources of content and distribution. Free, limitless, familiar, and on mp3 is a tough combo to beat.

Late 90s bete-noir Michael Wolff says the recording industry is toast and knows it, and will fall into decline as has the book industry.

And Microsoft has come out against Hollings (Dem. So Carolina) and his insane jihad against the personal computer arguing that, well, it'd kill the personal computer.

Next week, I blog from Lotus! I am *very* excited!


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