Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Still scratching my head at Wright

In science, a "falsifiable" statement is one which can be disproved in some way. When I heard Robert Wright speak last week on globalization, he asserted that "we need supra-national organizations to effectively disarm rogue nations that are trying to build nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons"--empirical evidence to the contrary. In his more recent Slate piece, he goes through what could go wrong in Iraq, arguing that Bush is following short-term feel-good policies that will increase future terrorist threats in untraceable ways.

The fact that the ways are "untraceable" means that his statement is unfalsifiable. But to claim that Bush's policies are short-term or feel-good is hard for me to understand given that Bush's motives remain opaque and the news is filled with vitriol targetted towards him. I guess the good feelings must be hanging out with Wright's tyrant disarming supra-national regimes. I also this BBC article contrasting today with Europe in the 1930s interesting.


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