Friday, October 03, 2003

Powell interview

CNet has a great interview with FTC Chairman Michael Powell. Read it all. Two things that were new to me:

1) Powell believes in the "end-to-end" principle. "What are we going to do to reach the world we want to see--one in which applications are very separate and can be run over IP?"

2) The furor over the FTC's decision to slightly relax media regulation was idiotic. I guess I'm glad some people are writing about Smart Mobs, but maybe Dumb mobs need some attention too.
All I would say is that if we're going to have a dialogue with our citizens, let's tell them that the difference between 35 percent and 45 percent (the portion of Americans any individual TV station would be permitted to reach) is four or five stations nationwide out of 1,400. Do you believe that democracy lives somewhere between 35 and 45? If it's 38, it's going to kill democracy? And if it's 36, then that's just fine? I'm going to be candid about it: It's preposterous.
(Thanks to Lawrence for the pointer).


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