Thursday, June 24, 2004

iPod + BMW

Local storage is a substitute for bandwidth. An imperfect substitute, but a substitute none-the-less. Back when people were talking about "jukebox in the sky" they were thinking that there would be some sort of wireless bandwidth available that people could just tune into -- sort of like radio but bigger -- and wouldn't that be great?

The iPod, to me, was my "jukebox in the sky", except it was in my pocket. But it had *all my songs* on it and I could listen to them *whenever I wanted* and *take them with me*. No editing of playlists. No having to make decisions about what stays and what goes. All my songs, all the time, everywhere.

Currently, my iPod plays on my Mini via an adaptor plugged into the cassette deck. (Yes, the guy looked at us funny when we said we wanted a cassette deck). And as cool as the iPod/BMW adaptor kit is, all I really want is a line-in jack.


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