Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Good writer on Slate

I'd like to recommend Lee Smith's most recent article on Slate, not because it's a particularly fine piece (although it is), but because Lee's been producing piece after piece that involve, in my mind, new and genuine information and perspectives to help make sense of the arab world and the Global War on Terror. I think he's spent some time in the area observing arabs but not in the "I'll go to a coffee shop and chat because chats in coffee shops are where all intelligent conversation happens" (argh), but in a way that captures the immaturity, delusions, and arrogance of a people who were pretty great once and now owe their importance to the fact that they were born on top of oil wells at a time that oil became valuable.

I'd recommend reading all of his pieces, I think they are the best thing currently put out by Slate.


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