Tuesday, October 19, 2004

No Draft

The draft is not a complicated issue, although I have yet to hear a politician talk about it in a non-stupid way.

If a military finds that it does not have enough volunteers, it should raise the pay that it offers. Military pay should come out of general tax revenue.

Democratic Congressman Chuck Rangel claiming there needs to be "more equitable representation of people making sacrifices [joining the military]" through a draft is precisely wrong. The most just way of raising an army is through recruiting a volunteer force at competitive wages paid for my general taxes. General taxes ensures that everyone contributes appropriately, and volunteerism ensures that the people who sign up are those whom benefit most from it personally.

If an individual is drafted into an amry against his will, then that person is bearing an extremely large portion of the burden by foregoing the life and salary that he clearly preferred. People ineligible for the draft, by contrast, would bear very little of the burden.

Note that I have not even touched upon the fact that volunteer armies fight well and conscript armies fight terribly. The recent discussion on the draft is a pathetic attempt to scare people.


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