Monday, December 27, 2004

Creationism and the Times

Powerline fact checks a recent NYTimes/Friedman column on why the US is spending too much on defense and not enough on education and foreign aid (via Instapundit). Friedman comes of badly as most of his data points are either false or misleading. Powerline ends with the stinging bitch-slap "Actually, Tom, there is a debate going on. The New York Times just isn't part of it, because it operates at too low a level of information to be useful to knowledgeable news consumers."

I must be honest, when it comes to matters even remotely close to economics, which includes government spending, budgets etc., most newspaper folks are about as useful as Creationists at a Biology conference. I mean yes, part of me thinks we should be inclusive and let them in, but I also know that they are going to contribute nothing useful and just be an impediment to proceedings. Papers seem to be saddled with this warmed-over Marxism which prevents them from fathoming how the world really work, just like Creationists really need certain parts of the Bible to be literary true and so simply cannot compute evolution. People are welcome to hold their own beliefs, but they should note that certain beliefs just get you excluded from adult company.


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