Monday, February 28, 2005

Am back

So, I returned to Boston this morning to find 6 inches of grubby snow over everything, another 10+ due tonight, my fish dead, and a $25 fine from the city because I had the terminity to take my garbage out a day early instead of letting it fester and stink up my appartment instead. It is 20 degrees outside and I am leaving this city. The Deaniacs can have it.

On a lighter note, imagine that you were a evil mastermind bent on destroying the credibility of the Left. Why not attack one of their great bastions, the Academy? How splendid would it be if you had one prominent academic getting pilloried for suggesting that men and women are different, while another professor (and fraud) who likens the 9/11 victims to Nazis being held up as all that is Good and Noble about academia? I know it sounds unlikely, but it would still be pretty effective if someone pulled it of.


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