Monday, May 23, 2005


I am very excited about this BBQ series in Slate. When I was in KC, I visited BBQ joints religiously. I went to the Oklahoma Joes mentioned in this article, but the old gas station one, not the new strip mall one they mention. It was *great*.

Arthur Bryants was also fantastic, but I liked the brisket there more than anything else (and I tried everything). It was the best brisket I found in KC. (I went to the original Arthur Bryants closish to the airport).

Also highly recommended -- Fiorella Jack Stack's. Best burnt ends. Best lamb ribs(!)

There was another Jack Stack's out in KC that is quite different from the one above -- much less fancy. Their ribs were awesome.

Gates was the most authentic KC, but I'm not a big fan of their sauce. I went to at least 3 others, all of which were better than anyplace in Boston, but they did not beat out the ones I listed above. For BBQ in KC, Oklahoma, Arthurs, Jacks, and Jacks II are the quadfecta.


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