Thursday, June 22, 2006

US should stay mediocre at soccer

The US lost to Ghana in today's World Cup match. This is a wonderful outcome!

I think that for the sake of World Peace, the US should remain good enough to get into the World Cup, but not so good that they ever actually win. The US already beats the world in many things, think how unhappy Mexico, Argentina, or Brazil would be if the US started beating them in soccer too.

Moreover, it's not like American's care about soccer very much -- it's something you play in middle school and then you switch to "real" sports like football, baseball, basketball (and maybe hockey) in high school and college.

Given the high utility the US gives the rest of the world, and the negligible cost it incurs, I think it's best for all if the US goes to the World Cup, plays hard, and loses. Go Ghana


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