Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cool things that suck

Apple's new intel macbooks have lousy power management. Close the lid -- it may turn off, it may not. Open the lid, it will turn off, and then refuse to wake back up. Tap the keyboard, wiggle the mouse, open and close the lid, will do nothing. Then closing the lid and waiting may make it wake back up. Or it may not. If it does, quickly open the lid and wiggle the mouse. It will be your only chance.

My 4+ year old iBook G3 got this right every time. A huge step backwards.

Also, the new Blogger sucks. The spellcheck does not work in Safari on OS X -- not IE on Windows I grant you, but certainly a Dr. Pepper to the Coke/Pepsi combo that is IE on Windows. Instead, it just sort of freezes, or maybe works once. Actually you only really get the chance to invoke one function in the Blogger menu, so choose wisely.

But now I can "tag." Whoopee.


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