Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boingo is run by idiots

I'm using the wireless network in the new terminal in Baltimore's BWI airport. The terminal is very nice, and BWI has picked Boingo to provide their wifi network.

Boingo is run by idiots.

I occassionally need a wireless network on-the-run, and I'm OK paying the $8-$10 they charge for an hour or so's connectivity. It's a small price to pay for being able to get some work done.

The problem is that when I use these networks, it is a disposable transaction -- I have no interest in signing up for a monthly account -- and I have even less interest in trying to remember a name and password. T-Mobil irritates me greatly by asking for a login every time I have the misfortune of having to use one of their wifi networks. I must have 6 accounts with them now, and end up having to create a new one everytime I use their network. How much this costs them, or how much it corrupts their business data I do not know, but it's not enough.

Boingo not only asks for a login and password for their 24 hour accounts, but also asks to backup this password with a PIN. A PIN! For a disposable account! If I'm using a disposable password on a disposable account, often with a disposable username, why do they think I'm going to remember anything as hard to remember as a PIN?



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