Friday, March 28, 2008

Pandora gets worse

I had the pleasure of meeting Pandora co-founder, Tim Westergreen, at Stanford a year or so ago, and learning how he and his team struggled through the internet bust before finally making it big. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that VC money is helping Pandora as much as it could. They have a new feature, stations organized by Genre, which I think is a nice idea. Here's what that part of the site looks like:

Hmmm. Just 7 genres? Surely there must be more. Suppose you want to listen to some obscure, niche genre, like "rock" -- where might that be? Well, you need to click on that little left arrow 4 times before you see it as an option. Displaying the available genres in such a restricted way is a bad idea, but having "rock" be the least important (last) selection boggles my mind.


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