Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The memory hole is powerful

Shrill partisan Brad Delong attributes yesterday's market drop to the "no" vote in the house. Unfortunately, we were all alive during that time and the record of what actually happened is clear. The house "no" vote came in at 2pm EST, which is NOT where the big drop in the Dow happened.

If you cannot believe what you read in the newspapers about Sept 29, 2008 on Sept 30, 2008; how can you believe what they say about any time further back in history?

Update: You can see the memory hole in action on Brad's site. I posted a comment pointing out that his representation of reality did not, in fact, reflect reality, as both market prices and when the vote was confirmed are public knowledge. Brad deleted that comment. With Brad's "reality" being such a slippery thing, no wonder he needs to "grasp it with both hands".


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