Thursday, November 12, 2009

I love this

There is so much right with this post:

“All speakers are equal but some of the speakers are more equal then others”

The more I exposed to the different loudspeakers, the more I’m learning that the horn-loaded loudspeakers are the most interesting creatures. Nope, not because they might or might not do sound reproduction more accurate or because they might produce or might not produce some audio tricks better. The major beautify of the horn-loaded loudspeakers is that they the most accurate and with very-very high degree of precision portray the objectives and the reference point of the system owners.

You can not lie to horn-loaded loudspeakers because they return your own lie to you all across their big mouth. You can not BS the horn-loaded loudspeakers because they have own identity and integrity that is not bribable or persuadable. You can not belittle the horn-loaded loudspeakers because they are too demanding and do not care about you. You can not sometimes understand the horn-loaded loudspeakers as they are too complex, capricious and very arrogant. You can not develop a sense of intimacy with horn-loaded loudspeakers because they are wrong gender. You can not annex the horn-loaded loudspeakers because they do not feel slavery. All that you can do is juts live near the horn-loaded loudspeakers demonstrating your respect to them.

Being a reflection of us the horn-loaded loudspeakers honestly present us with one more aspect of us. It is not secrets that there are practically none existing among audio people well-performing horn-loaded installations. Why? Is it some kind of failure of the horn-loaded topology? Not really. The problem is the “us”. The horn-loaded loudspeakers juts spit to us who we are returning right into our faces the magnified BS and stupidity we are practicing in audio. So, when I’ve been telling you folks that 99.9999% of all horn-loaded installations out there are garbage and that 99.9999% of all people who do audio are Morons then I personally do not see any luck of reasoning between these two numbers…


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