Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Religion, the University, and Economics

I don't have anything to say about the conclusions or politics of this individual (whom I suspect is this person) but I did want to call attention to one dynamic she highlights:
Ed schools don’t get much respect within the university, and even less in the political arena. But they are the gatekeepers of elite credentials within the education community. These credentials don’t matter so much for teaching jobs per se, but do matter for educational policy jobs and doctoral program applications that come after teachers "do their two" in public schools and move on to jobs in which they can influence policy.

It’s much easier to move from teaching to an education think tank or a doctoral program if you’ve got a degree and credential from, say, Columbia Teacher’s College than if your degree has the local state diploma mill stamp. Elite ed schools use the one area where they reign supreme to withhold legitimacy from dissenters.
I think this explains why the University system seems to be so much less capable today of revealing truth than it was back when the Academy was distinct from the Government. So we have an Economics discipline that does not understand double entry bookkeeping.



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