Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tron: Legacy -- the rewrite

Forgive me this indulgence.

This is what the film should have done:

Overarching theme: "Man is machine". What does this mean? Does not matter.

Key elements: Clue and Flynn Jr. are mirrors of each other. Clue runs the operation, but it keeps glitching. Flynn Jr. avoids the responsibility of running the operation, but is the glitch himself. Flynn is both of their father.

Flynn Sr. is beyond human, but not quite machine. He is a wild messiah, only barely still in touch with the digital and analog world. He appears randomly, being Gnostic.

Clue and Flynn Jr finally embrace each other. The integrate, becoming a partial man/machine hybrid.

Flynn Sr embraces them both, completing the Trinity. He achieves enlightenment.

We have a 15 minute 2001-esque 3D visual light show extravaganze, while Daft Punk goes nutso.

Roll final credits.


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