Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Google cannot help you with

Google's PageRank algorithm is good at goal directed queries -- "flowers", "cheap airline tickets", or "nearest library". It is not good at non-directed queries, like "funny", "inspirational", "entertain me".

Facebook is great at entertaining people who have no goal cheaply. Instead of making content like TV stations do, it just parades photos of your friends, which are very entertaining because they are your friends. If you want to waste time, Facebook is the place to go (and this is why social games on Facebook are so inane, but also so successful).

This new Google ad is interesting because the queries are exactly the type of queries that Google was bad at, but Google+ hopes to be better at.

"Awesome things you can do with a paperclip"
"Awesome things you can do"
"Awesome things"

Delicious was actually great at this, back when it was a live product. TechCrunch doesn't get it at all.


Blogger Pam said...

I wonder what the new developments in Google + means for SEO Philippines. I hear it has much potential.

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