Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More on the XBox One

Yesterday, I posted my initial reactions on the Xbox One. Some additional thoughts.

1. While the instant response makes it easier to switch from TV to the game, it's not clear to what degree this XBox One is really a gaming machine at all. Tadhg Kelly asks what the whole thing is for, anyway.

2. It wasn't just me, there seems to be no DVR support in the Xbox. Not so good for TV then.

3. While elements of the XBox One were iOS like, it does not have an independent app store where indie developers can self publish. I think this is most likely a temporary state of affairs, perhaps to support the major 3rd party game developers to support the console and invest in some launch, post-launch titles.

4. The fact that MSFT will simply consolidate all games together suggests that yes, we will be seeing indie next to free-to-play next to AAA titles in the same library. Just like iOS with the market pressures that will bring.

5. Sony's PS4 is the more gamer-centric gaming console. From a pure core-Gamer perspective, that is the one to buy. The question is, will the more casual player be tempted to get an XBox instead because of the "life style" features packed into the Xbox? Or will they continue to just play games on their iPad and stream Netflix via Airplay, like they do now?


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