Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cantor and McArdle

My old friend Megan McArdle has a nice article on Eric Cantor's recent loss to Dave Brat. She writes:
If it is true that money can at least help buy elections, and if this is a factor in the fact that American politics leans toward the concerns of the wealthy, then getting the money out of politics would produce a Congress more inclined to raise the minimum wage, as well as create more generous unemployment benefits and richer national health-care benefits -- but also one that is more nativist and socially conservative. If Brat did indeed win because he went after Cantor on immigration, this exemplifies what those candidates would look like.
I'm not sure what she means to say here. Surely a higher minimum wage and more generous welfare state goes hand in hand with nativism? Wouldn't a more socially conservative society, be able to broaden the welfare state further?


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