Thursday, September 08, 2016

iPhone 7

If there's anyone ready to ditch the audio jack, it's me. My car has excellent bluetooth connectivity, which I use to listen to podcasts during my commute, and the rest of the time I use Bose's excellent Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, which also have outstanding connectivity.

I have an outstanding (dual subs, high sensitivity speakers, Class A amp etc.) hi fi system that I stream music to digitally, not via an analog cable to my iPhone.

So I really am done with cables. And yet...

I don't like Apple's cable port. It's flaky and it's hard to get reasonably priced peripherals. They will also change it, so I don't want to invest in any part of the eco-system. Similarly for headphones. Apple's focus on hardware/software integration means that whatever Bluetooth variant they come up with will be Beats exclusive and Beats suck.

There's a brand mismatch between Beats, which are stylish for those who don't know better, and Apple, which (contra the 4chan crowd) are stylish for those who do know better. If Apple had bought Grado it would be a different story, but they bought Beats. So I do not want any part of any eco-system that pushes me to Beats.

Most importantly, I see no benefit from losing the jack. They say it frees up space, but the stereo sound is, I'm sorry to say, ridiculous, and if they wanted space they could have gotten rid of the useless second speaker.

Anyway, I am due for an upgrade, but maybe it will just be a new case and a battery change. I will wait the next cycle out for something useful, like wireless charging, or fast charging, and see what happens to the analog hole.


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