Thursday, June 28, 2001

News of the day Here's an article by a Viriginia professor explaining why Microsoft hates the GPL. Unfortunately, he is wrong: he claims that the GPL attacks Microsoft's end-user monopoly, when in fact it attacks Microsoft's product-driven software model (and it's newer authentication-based incarnation). Sheesh. How these guys get to be professors.

Here's an article from the Industry standard that talks about how one Microsoft business uses the GPL after all. Unfortunately, they do not note that Microsoft bought the business not knowing the code was GPL'd. Sheesh. How do these people publish a magazine that people buy?

Oh, and the court decided to overturn Jackson's ruling requiring a Microsoft breakup. Sheesh. How do these people get to be judges? They based their findings on animus toward's Jackson's behavior!

It looks like Microsoft will drop smart tags from Windows XP where they are evil, and instead just keep them in Office XP, where they are merely annoying.

And here's an interview with ESR talking about Microsoft co-opting free-BSD stuff.


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