Friday, September 14, 2001

More on the tragedy While Bush declares War on state sponsored terrorism, it's worth checking out some international perspectives on the incident. While the world condemns this weeks horrible events with one voice, they also mention subjects taboo in US media, namely how the CIA funded Osama Bin Laden and created the Taleban, why the US is less insulated from its actions abroad, and how to really combat terrorism (nb. nuking civilian populations not recommended). I fear that the hot headed stances being discussed now will make things worse in the long run.

Yahoo! gets a little more bit literate While Hotmail ties Passport into its web email offering and continues the war against plaintext, Yahoo!'s email service has become more bit literate. After responding to a message, users are now prompted to move the message out of their inbox. This is, of course, exactly what users should do, and although I would prefer not being prompted, it does suggest that Yahoo! is thinking hard about good email habits. Hopefully businesses (and individuals) will start to do the same.


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