Wednesday, January 02, 2002

The Joy of local storage XMRadio beams 100 radio channels to cars kitted out with special expensive gear (oh, plus $10 a month per car). Sounds like anything customers would be interested in? I didn't think so either. It's surprising to me that companies are still banging their head against the last-mile bandwidth problem when it's patently clear this sector will remaind stagnant for at least five years. Storage, on the other hand, continues to improve at a rate that would make Moore blush. TiVo uses local storage to deliver a great viewing experience even though video isn't being zapped to it over IP via a fibre optic network. Apple's iPod delivers celestial jukebox in 5 gig slices without a wireless internet connection in sight. If I plug my iPod into a car stereo (through a tape deck if I must), I essentially have what XMRadio is offering, but better, for cheaper. Good innovations can come out of massive micro-storage now, broadband isn't coming anytime soon.


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