Friday, June 14, 2002

Quick links Here's your typical alarmist article about broadband consolidation and how this will cripple media freedom, blah blah blah. I've gone on at length about why all this is misguided, so will just point out the (falsely) apocalyptic language here. The piece is full of stuff like "broadband access providers can now deny other DSL providers access" without pausing to think why they would deny access. Even if the pipe was a monopoly, it would simply charge the monopoly price, not deny access altogether, and right now pipes are hardly monopolies. People worrying about commercial censorship tend to miss the obvious fact that the only entity in this business is their beloved government.

Finally read Jane Galt talk about Kevin Murphy. It's an honor to be at a place like Chicago where the utterly brilliant Gary Becker may actually not be the biggest genius in the house, and the biggest genius may actually have to stand inline behind someone else to get a Nobel Prize. To me, being in Chicago is like being in some kind of heaven.


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