Thursday, August 08, 2002

In Armonk The IBM Learning Center is just next to IBM HQ, and was built during the 70s when Big Blue was at its monopolistic height. So, it's pretty gorgeous, and has all this old IBM gadgetry lying around, including mechanical tabulators and punches. I had dinner with Stu Feldman last night, who is the head of IBM research and was the 8th or 9th guy to write UNIX. He also wrote this little program called make, which some have found quite handy (I'm surprised that someone actually wrote make, I'd foolishly assumed it had just appeared). We talked about how Web Services were going to change business, which is peculiar because no one yet seems to understand what they are, or how they can be useful. I've learned some interesting things about IBM's relationship to Coroporate America wihch I'll write up soon.


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