Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Dumbness from Kausfile

Slate's Kausfile has a response to the idiot Ehrlich article I commented on earlier. Essentially, Kausfile says that even if there only ever two parties, what the parties stand for might change. Get this they may even change their name

The most casual student of American political history knows that the two major parties have undergone dramatic ideological revisions over the years, and given how much change there has been in the world, it would have been kinda shocking if they had remained the same. Moreover, why does anyone care what a party calls itself, unless it has a sentimental soft spot in its heart for "Democrat" (or "Republican") as words and has quite lost the fact that they are fractious coalitions bidding for votes. *Sigh*

StumblingTongue gets it right though. Worth reading.


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