Thursday, January 22, 2004

Linux in campaigns?

I've argued before that Doc Searl's once excellent Linux for Suits column became irrelevant around the time IBM started airing primetime ads for the little Penguin, but it seems to have gone from irrelevant to ridiculous. If you feel that a political campaign is really where high-power computing is pushing the envelope (snigger) read this latest post on Open Source Software and Howard Dean. Then write in and tell me what it says -- I didn't get any further.

The surprise Iowa results demonstrate either how disconnected media buzz is from reality, or how disconnected the bizarre caucus system is from public sentiment, or maybe both. One clear demonstration is that the echo-chamber web of opinion blogs doesn't do much except generate feelings of camaraderie. But let's be fair, the Iowa election markets were fooled too.

Dean's chances of winning the nomination, never mind the election, are what you would expect a former governor of Vermont's to be if you knew nothing else about him.


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