Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Design idiocy

If you've been startled by some sort of hideous rolling thing that makes you think of a bottom, you might have spied one of BMW's ugly new "cars". The man behind this travesty is called Chris Bangle, and here is an interview of him explaining the method behind his madness. It turns out that
"Look at the 6-Series", he suggests. "Until the waistline the car fits into one tube, then above it a new tube forms - hence the separate bootlid". On the 5-Series three different tubes were used to form the style.
Tubes? It sounds like Bangles has been bitten by the Theory bug, but no one explained to him that for something to count as a theory it *has* to be disprovable, and that any design decision based on a "theory" about Tubes is really just personal preference. Sadly, Bangles has no actual skill to guide his gut feels, which is why we end up with monstrosities like this. And don't get me started on the iDrive system, which is a class-action law suit waiting to happen.


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