Monday, May 31, 2004


I am back from London. The city is much nicer than it was when I last visited ten years ago--it's cleaner, brighter, less run down, and everything from the clothes to the interior of shops is much much nicer. It is also extraordinarily expensive.

I visited the Cabinet War Rooms which only opened last year, and I recommend them to all. It's amazing to think that a large chunk of WW2 was run from a tiny warren of underground bunkers underneath the Ministry of Work in London. Amazing. They are building a Churchill Museum that should be ready next year, and I look forward to that too.

I would recommend avoiding St. John. While they have the coolest logo of any restaurant ever, their food (always a little dicey, I mean, "traditional English cuisine" does not have a history of being any good at all) is bad. I heard that they focus on offal, and I was ready for a real freak-show of innards--the odder the better. I tried winkles, sardines, ox heart, venison, and rabbit, and I think I could do better with all of them. But I do want the t-shirt once they get around to printing them up.

The weather in Boston this Memorial Day weekend is *fantastic*!


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