Monday, May 31, 2004

Integrated content and distribution

Much as I could not understand why other web-retailers did not mindlessly copy Amazon's excellent user interface (in 1999), I cannot understand why other manufacturers do not mindlessly copy Apple's excellent iPod design.

I've looked at Rios etc. etc., and yes they do offer more larger storage at lower cost, but Apple's ease-of-use still makes it hands down the best mp3 player out there. Everyone says it cannot last (and I do not think it will either), but I am wondering why it's taking so long. It tells you something about the importance attached to usability that companies don't pay attention even when it's driving competitive advantage.

Sony, whom I hoped would offer the most interesting mp3 devices given its hardware pedigree AND media business, has turned out one crippled dud after the other. Oh well


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