Sunday, May 02, 2004


My old buddy Stumblingtongue has a fine post on how eBooks are on their way, no matter what the naysayers claim. I agree. Much of the argument that eBooks will never replace the old paper variety is based on a certain sepia-tinted nostalgia, much beloved by the same sort of people who really like books. But the rest of the argument is based on practical things like price, resolution, contrast, battery life etc., and those things technological progress can deal with. At any rate, well worth reading.

His previous post on long books actually fits nicely with the eBooks one. I use audible+iPod for planes, and have managed to work through about one-two lengthy books a month during otherwise dead commute time. However, my copy of Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver (900 pages) sits half read on top of my copy of Neal Stephenson's The Confusion (sequel, 900 pages) which is unread. I planned to read Quicksilver this weekend, but life intervened. I can't take the book on a plane because it measures one cubic foot and weighs well over 40 pounds (approx). In electronic format, audio or not, I would probably be done with both by now.


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