Monday, August 16, 2004

The Red Rock Eater jumps the Shark

Phil Agre just sent out this to his entire mailing list, of I don't know how many people. It's very long and insane, and clearly something Phil invested serious time and effort into. Here's the opening
Liberals in the United States have been losing political debates to conservatives for a quarter century. In order to start winning again, liberals must answer two simple questions: what is conservatism, and what is wrong with it? As it happens, the answers to these questions are also simple:

Q: What is conservatism?
A: Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristocracy.

Q: What is wrong with conservatism?
A: Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world.

These ideas are not new. Indeed they were common sense until recently. Nowadays, though, most of the people who call themselves "conservatives" have little notion of what conservatism even is. They have been deceived by one of the great public relations campaigns of human history. Only by analyzing this deception will it become possible to revive democracy in the United States.
and it just gets better from there.

I'm not sure if this is something Phil worked on in private, or if he showed it to others first. Either boggles the mind.


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