Monday, August 01, 2005

Synching is the bane of my existance

Palm Pilots have been around now for almost a decade and they still cannot synchronize. It's pathetic, and illustrative of how terrible computing still is at making different bits work together.

OK. So I upgraded to Now-Up-To-Date v5 (which claims to support Palm synching), iSync 2.0 (which claims to support Palm synching), Hotsync Manager 3.0 (which claims nothing), all running on OS 10.4 (which claims to have improved synching) and can I get my calender to synch with my PDA? I'm posting this at 11:56PM, so you can take a guess.

Now-Up-To-Date is so bush league that they put out their product without a manual or FAQ or anything on how synch between their calender and a palm piilot. Now-Up-To-Date's website is here. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCT.


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