Monday, July 18, 2005

I cannot wait for this

Leavitt is looking at Poker! Joy! I'm not sure how much he has played, as some of this question sound a little naive.

How much more succesful can a player be if he knows the odds? Considerably. Especially when it comes to hole cards and pot odds.

What are the best betting strategies for getting the most money out of a winning hand? Wish I knew. Do you bet big to make a larger pot? Or do you slow play to keep people in? There is a lot of rock-paper-scissors and psychology here, I think. For example, at a low-stakes table in Vegas, people approach poker as if it was roulette. In these cases, feel free to bet freely.

Are there simple betting strategies that can be used to win money even with losing hands? I wish I knew.

To what extent does position from the button and position relative to other players matter? I thought it mattered a lot. It certainly strongly influences my play.

Does having a big stack of chips allow a player to bully others and win more of their money? Yes! But you don't win their money, you just steal their blinds.

Do people lose big after winning a big hand, or does success follow success? I don't know. I do know that having a big chip lead makes you both more agressive (which is good) but also more sloppy (which is bad).


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