Friday, September 23, 2005

Inadvertant humor?

Heh. This Slate argues that we should try conservative ideas about poverty reduction when we construct New Orleans because we're likely to learn valuable things from the experiment. Fair enough. But I found this to be grimly amusing
The only problem: They can't find a corpseā€”that is, any victim whose estate would owe any tax. But let Republicans go ahead and kill the death tax there if it makes them feel better. Heck, let them privatize Social Security for poor blacks in New Orleans (who Bush says get a raw deal under the current system).
Any corpse they find older than 20 but younger than 65 will have gotten a raw deal from the current social security system. They will have paid into the system, but will never take a dime out, nor will their next of kin (or surviving relatives) get any of that money either.


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