Monday, September 19, 2005

Nintendo Revolution ad

This is an ad for the new Nintendo Revolution, highlighting all the cool things you can do with its controller. It takes a long time to load, so be patient. (Note: old link was broken, have updated it to Joystiq article which has a click through).

I particularly liked the clips showing a young boy with his grandfather, or a group of girls, playing simple fun games. While Sony and Microsoft chase after the 24 year old Halo addict, Nintendo thinks that games could be for everyone if they were simpler and more innovative. I find XBox and PS2 games too hard to play. They take too long to learn and go on for ever. I no longer have the time or motor skills to play them. And I'd prefer games that my wife might (occassionally) play (if only for a few minutes) as well. Mario Kart falls into this category, but few other games do.


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