Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Apple toys

Hmm. I am not excited by Apple's new toys. I don't think video iPods are a good idea -- I would rather have a black and white screen and longer battery life with no videos, than lousy tiny videos and less battery. I have a TV. I hate charging. Also, Steve's own criticisms about video on the go are as true today as they were a year ago, so what's changed?

I also don't like the media-center PC/iMac thing is a good idea. I have a TV. It's way bigger than my computer. My computer is not in the living room, and I don't want it there, and neither does anyone else (see: Media-center PC). This all seems like hand waving to make up for crappy CPUs.

I do like the built in iSight though. iSight is one of those things that's great if lots of people have it, and useless if no one has it, so making it standard is a good idea.


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