Monday, February 06, 2006

Creative Destruction at work

Given that Serenity has been stuck at "very long wait" on my Netflix queue for about 4 months now, I went to try and find it at my local neighborhood video store (not a blockbuster). I seem to have caught it on its last day in business -- it was having a liquidation sale, DVDs were $12.99 or less.

Non-Blockbuster video stores had a difficult time competing in the Blockbuster world, particularly if they focused on the standard big budget Hollywood releases (which this one did). Once Netflix came along, I simply stopped going, and I suppose enough other people did to push it over the edge and out of business.

Sad, but maybe it will be replaced by a store I actually use (more likely it will be replaced by a pet laundry). I half expect to see ads in the local paper about politicians demanding that legislation be passed to protect the video rental store.

Video stores are not the only business having problems -- music retailers are struggling too.


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