Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good games

Yesterday, I wrote about how Nintendo thought games had gotten so complicated that they were no longer fun for anyone buy hardcore gamers.

A larger concern is the idea that games have to be complicated to be fun.

My friend (and boss, I guess) Mark Hurst compiles a list of online games that he thinks are simple and fun. Note that he includes the duration of the game to help you pick which one to play -- something you want something quick, and sometimes you want something that can take a little more time.

Also note that the duration is in useful quantities like "fast", "varies", and "long". Simple details like this improve experiences. Personally, I would have used the term "quick" instead of "fast", since "fast" may mean that the game itself has things moving around rapidly, wheras (to me) quick is less ambigious -- it just means that the game does not take long to play.


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