Saturday, April 22, 2006

Favorite restaurant in NYC

New York has many great restaurants, and when I travel there I try to treat myself once by going to one of them. I find that I end up going to Craft, to the exclusion of everywhere else. Some foodbloggers went there and wrote up a review.

If you have the opportunity and money, I recommend that you try it out. If you order wisely, you can have a great meal and it will not break the bank. Here are some tips:

1) The Craft menu is easier to understand if you approach the whole thing as tapas, or "small plates" rather than a more regular meal with starter, main course, and dessert.

2) The wine there is just fine, but you can get great wine elsewhere. If you want to control cost, skip the booze.

3) The meat dishes are just fine, but the vegetables are *outstanding*, both in relative and absolute terms. You can skip the meat altogether and go for all vegetables -- you will not be sorry. This will also control cost. The best meat dishes are braised and roasted. The best vegetables are roasted.

4) Craft also makes the best mushrooms in the restaurant business. It turns out that making great Craft-style mushrooms is super easy, and you can acheive similar results with super market bought white muchrooms at home. Why all mushrooms are not made this way, I don't know.

5) The gnocchi is honestly the best I have ever had, which includes all over Italy. It's *really hard* to make Craft gnocchi at home. The sunchokes are also fantastic, and are easy to make at home.


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