Monday, June 26, 2006


My trusty old iBook, after years of frankly astonishing performance and service, has finally succumbed to the logic board error that plagues its ilk. *Sigh*.

I bought a MacBook to replace it (base model, white) and these are my first impressions:

1) The glossy screen is too reflective, making the machine more annoying to use.

2) They new keyboard is fine. I think I like it a little more than the old one, but I'm worried that it will be harder to keep cat hair out of it since there is no iSkin I can use to protect the keys.

3) It runs pretty hot. Even if I had an iSkin, I may not want to use it on this.

4) The edges of the computer are really really sharp. It is painful to type on if the bottom of your wrists touch the lower part of the machine at all.

5) Internet stuff renders much faster on this new machine than the old one. It should too, given I was six generations of processor behind.

6) Application switching is slower on this machine than the old one. Maybe it's because I'm not using some universal binary applications, maybe it's because the cache hasn't broken in yet, I dont know, but I'm still getting beachballs. I'm going to up the memory and see what happens. This is rather sad, given that the old machine was six generations behind.

7) The widescreen is nice, but I think I prefered the tiny iBook formfactor.

8) I have not idea where to keep the remote control they sent me along with the computer.

My recommendation -- wait until the next generation or two before buying. I would have if my old iBook had just hung on for a few more months.


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