Monday, August 21, 2006

It's just not cricket

Pakistan is current on tour in England playing a series of test matches. In the latest match, the umpires decided that Pakistan was tampering with the ball, and awarded England 5 runs. Pakistan decided this was a blow to national honor and refused to leave the dressing room after the tea break. England was awarded the match by default. This win did not change the outcome of the test series, as England were already two games up.

5 runs is peanuts in a test game -- where scores are often in the 300s and half the matches end in a draw. But pride is powerful in Pakistan, and the rest of the series has been called into question.

Did Pakistan tamper with the ball? Quite possibly. Was the umpire being extra mean to call them on it? Certainly. Should they have forfeited the game by sulking in the dressing room after tea? Absolutely not.


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