Friday, September 29, 2006

Easy cell phones

The NYTimes has a good article in search of cellphones that are good at being phones (thanks to winterspeak reader NP from the tip). They review the Motorola C139, Sony Ericsson Z300a, Motorola V195, LG Electronics VX3400, Samsung A420, and Jitterbug. No candy bar Nokias though.

The worst phone was the Motorola. Although Moto has had a big hit with the RAZR, I'm not sure they've put as much effort into getting the menu structure of the phone right. The best phone was the LG, although I think my wife has one and I don't find it that easy to use. The Jitterbug was in a class of its own, but the high expense, and coyness about the carrier, means that a normal person really cannot use it.

The cellphones are rated on how easy it is to accomplish basic tasks, and battery life (which was often awful) but there was nothing on reception, and little on sound quality -- those are important basics in being a good phone as well.


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